“Poker brat” Phil Hellmuth does the unthinkable.

Phil Hellmuth a.k.a. the “poker brat”has been on a large losing streak lately in the WSOP 2017 tournaments he played in. He probably lost because of bad luck. You know how it goes, you go all in on the flop and your opponent hits one of his two outs to knock you out of the tournament. How does a poker pro cope with this?

Phil Hellmuth

When it comes to bad choices the Phill Hellmuth choose to blame it all on his new bought shoes. After all he started losing badly after buying these shoes and that can not be a coincidence. He therefore chose to do a cleansing ritual by burning the shoes in front of some of his friends. After all he called his guru, his mother and some other people as well, who all seem to agree.

Ofcourse Hellmuth needs to focus on his poker instead, but he and his friends are all poker millionaires, so why not burn some 300 dollar shoes instead? After all  it takes some sacrifice to please the poker gods, doesn’t it?

Ofcourse mathematics and psychology are the main things to focus upon while playing poker. It is well known that Phil Hellmuth uses CIA methods to determine if somebody is lying or not. It is largely based on facial expression and tics.

Supersticion is as old as human kind and still takes place when facing randomness. In the past it was a random event like an earthquake, a storm or a vulcano. Nowadays all it takes for people to become supersticious is a cardgame with millions of dollars on the line. Ofcourse they call it a joke, but what if Phil Helmuth starts a sick winning streak?

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